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IAHO’s purpose is to provide
a vehicle for the development, discussion and dissemination
of housing inspection programs
and processes; promotion of knowledge, ethical standards
and competence of individuals
and agencies engaged in housing inspection; and to encourage uniformity in code interpretation
and enforcement.

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Fire Safety: This module covers basic fire behavior and chemistry, fire hazards
to be aware of, storage of combustible and hazardous materials, egress requirements, fire safety equipment, and fire terminology.

Electrical: The intent of this module is to provide basic knowledge of residential
electrical systems including; terminology, electrical codes, and electrical hazards.

Structural: The structural module teaches how each building system is to perform
and how it relates to all other building systems, beginning at the foundation and ending at the roof. Building codes, terminology, and building products are also discussed.

Plumbing: The plumbing module covers the philosophy of plumbing inspections,
history of plumbing systems and fixtures, private wells, public water supply, piping,
venting, plumbing codes, plumbing fixtures and terminology.

Health: The purpose of this module is to discuss the effects of the housing environment on the occupants’ health, rationale for minimum housing standards and enforcement, public health issues, and on-the-job risks reduction to exposure to infectious diseases.

Heating & Air Conditioning: After completing this module one will have general
knowledge of the different types of heating systems, air conditioning systems, insulation recommendations, venting requirements, terminology, and hazards of which to be aware.

IAHO training is held at Hawkeye Community College for Community Services, Cedar Falls, IA.

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